Parkhotel  Kašperské Hory
Kašperské Hory 1
PSČ: 34192

tel.: +420 376 582 592


    Šumavské bylinné lázně
    Kašperské Hory
    Adults Only

  • Alpská Vyhlídka

    novinka roku 2011

  • Penzion Kašperk

    krásná rodinná dovolená
    tel. 376 582 592

  • Penzion Polka

    klid, příroda, relaxace
    tel.: 728 666 495
  • Nové Hutě

    Pension Klostermann Nové Hutě
    ideální pro rodiny s dětmi
  • Knížecí Pláně

    Hájenka uprostřed přírody a pastvin
  • Hotel Nové Údolí

    Velmi klidné místo v srdci NP Šumava
  • U krále Šumavy

    Apartmány Borová Lada


We would like to offer you very attractive combination of your holiday and a teambuilding for firms which are never to be forgotten.

We offer apportionable activities with daylong programm,we also offer more than one day programm, you can combine the activities according to your imaginings, according to your financial requirements, according to your physical ability, also according to your age.The activities are specified not only for diversity of staff trainings, but it is also suitable for efficient sportsmen and sportswoman, so for families with children.



Pension Kasperk offers 14 standard furnished and spacious 2-3 bed rooms and 2 apartments. Each room is furnished with quality furniture with enough storage space, a small fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, two hot plates and electric kettle (detergent, dish towel, etc. are not available) and then a bathroom with shower.In each room there are SAT/TV and WiFi Internet connection, of course there is also bed linen and towels (only small) there.

Exceptions are the availability of apartments. The apartments have two contrary, smaller bathroom with shower (per room extra bathroom).

Rooms and suites are non-smoking, as well as building a house. For this purpose, a terrace on the first floor.

Parking on the premises is free. 

The area where you can spend your free time, is a common room in the ground floor. There is a pool table, table with chairs, armchairs and TV. This room can be used as a coffee lounge which is suitable for smaller meetings and given the large number of windows for this purpose, a sufficiently bright.

The receiving  and handing over the keys to the room is presented at the reception of the Parkhotel Kašperské Hory there, it´s based on the previously confirmed your residence. The check-out must be done till 10,00 a.m. on the departure day.

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