Parkhotel  Kašperské Hory
Kašperské Hory 1
PSČ: 34192

tel.: +420 376 582 592


    Šumavské bylinné lázně
    Kašperské Hory
    Adults Only

  • Alpská Vyhlídka

    novinka roku 2011

  • Penzion Kašperk

    krásná rodinná dovolená
    tel. 376 582 592

  • Penzion Polka

    klid, příroda, relaxace
    tel.: 728 666 495
  • Nové Hutě

    Pension Klostermann Nové Hutě
    ideální pro rodiny s dětmi
  • Knížecí Pláně

    Hájenka uprostřed přírody a pastvin
  • Hotel Nové Údolí

    Velmi klidné místo v srdci NP Šumava
  • U krále Šumavy

    Apartmány Borová Lada


We would like to offer you very attractive combination of your holiday and a teambuilding for firms which are never to be forgotten.

We offer apportionable activities with daylong programm,we also offer more than one day programm, you can combine the activities according to your imaginings, according to your financial requirements, according to your physical ability, also according to your age.The activities are specified not only for diversity of staff trainings, but it is also suitable for efficient sportsmen and sportswoman, so for families with children.

Active Holiday

Throughout the surrounding area offers many opportunities for recreational enthusiasts - tourism and sports. Among the popular tourist attractions include castles Kasperk, Rabi and Velhartice. There are marked trails for hikers and bikers and in winter, groomed cross country trails. Right on the outskirts Kasperske Hory is well-maintained ski resort with artificial snow and ski equipment rental all. Another ski resort is available within 10km.

In the town you can visit the Museum of Šumava, Motorcycle Museum, an exhibition of toys, or some of the sights there. It is worth mentioning church Margaret on the Square, Town Hall with an exhibition hall, church or cemetery of Nicholas.

Outside the main tourist season attracts visitors to the Bohemian Spring, short but so intense. Lush green meadows, gurgling streams, which emerged from the shackles of snow and ice, and everything was making proliferation in the spring sun's rays, all this creates a happy mood.

For many visitors the most beautiful surroundings of Kašperské Mountains is in a  late summer. Sunny days in September and October are ideal for walks in the countryside, not only the older ones from our ranks. While the interior lies under a pall of fog and cloud inversion, new "Indian Summer" is enhanced by a melancholy character of the soft lines of Bohemian horizons. The trails go quiet holiday traffic and calms the country.

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