Parkhotel  Kašperské Hory
Kašperské Hory 1
PSČ: 34192

tel.: +420 376 582 592


    Šumavské bylinné lázně
    Kašperské Hory
    Adults Only

  • Alpská Vyhlídka

    novinka roku 2011

  • Penzion Kašperk

    krásná rodinná dovolená
    tel. 376 582 592

  • Penzion Polka

    klid, příroda, relaxace
    tel.: 728 666 495
  • Nové Hutě

    Pension Klostermann Nové Hutě
    ideální pro rodiny s dětmi
  • Knížecí Pláně

    Hájenka uprostřed přírody a pastvin
  • Hotel Nové Údolí

    Velmi klidné místo v srdci NP Šumava
  • U krále Šumavy

    Apartmány Borová Lada


We would like to offer you very attractive combination of your holiday and a teambuilding for firms which are never to be forgotten.

We offer apportionable activities with daylong programm,we also offer more than one day programm, you can combine the activities according to your imaginings, according to your financial requirements, according to your physical ability, also according to your age.The activities are specified not only for diversity of staff trainings, but it is also suitable for efficient sportsmen and sportswoman, so for families with children.


Pension offers 14 standard furnished 2-3 bed rooms with extra beds and 3 apartments. Each room is furnished with a small fully equipped kitchen, SAT/TV and WiFi Internet connection.

Family Holiday

Pension is also ideal for families with children, which looking comfortable accommodations, beautiful surroundings and a wide range of attractive trips.

The friendly guesthouse on the outskirts of the National park on the route of Srni, Kvilda, Modrava, offers quality and affordable accommodation in Sumava.

Kašperské Hory - it´s the town with glorious history and became famous thanks to the mined gold. Golden treasure filled the treasuries of the Czech kings. Gold mining was already attracted for Celts 600 years ago, they have established a fortified strongholds on the hill of Sedlo and Valy nearby the town. King Charles the IV. built the Kašperk castle above the town. Kašperské Hory lies on the one branch of the Golden mule track and thanks to its importance obtained lots of privileges.

The remains of mining are still found mainly in the Golden Valley Stream. Many galleries are an important for wintering bats. The longest gallery in the lane before the village of Red seismological station is located there.

Today is the town attractive to its beautiful surroundings for tourists by providing them with many possibilities of tourist and sport enjoyment, which you can enjoy especially in the Šumava National Park. Walking, cycling, skiing and especially cross country skiing, watermanship and many other activities, also the accommodation in the centre of the countryside - these values are appreciated by active and weekend sportsmen, families with the kids and when the calmer stages of the year comes - also by seniors.

Come and walk in the footsteps of prospectors along the creeks and to the ancient stoles, admire the skill of Bohemian glassmakers in the Museum of Šumava in Sušice and in Kašperské Hory or let yourself be charmed by the beauty of nature and melancholy of Bohemian horizons.

Admire The Bohemian Forest, the country of writer Karel Klosterman, painter and graphic artist Josef Váchal and many other artists, who failed in its charm.

Already at parting with the Bohemian Forest you will want to return.

Come and you will be welcomed.

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